The Forbidden Moments We Share (Moments Series Book 1)

by Candace Campbell
“Fate kept pushing Talia to him over and over again a man who was everything she wanted mixed with everything she needed to stay away from. He had a power over her, she was drawn to the sweet seduction but it was worth it to know, to feel, to love.” “Emerson Rose knew just how to kiss her, how to make her melt into him, he knew where to touch her in all the places that made her body shake with pleasure. He knew her so well. As passionate as his kiss was, he was in no rush for it to end. He took his time with her, making it last as long as he could as he feared it would be the last time she let him touch her so intimately. They both enjoyed each touch, each kiss, as if they were both lost to the connection that drew them to each other. Talia had never been kissed so thoroughly or with so much tenderness or desire and he had never wanted to kiss a woman more. When he finally released her, she gasped for air and she stared at him and they both knew they would never be the same again. It would never work it was forbidden but they just could stay away.”
Deal Available through April 28, 2021
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