The Dream Kiss: Sleeping Beauty Retold

by Esme Rome
Discover a story beyond your wildest dreams... It's been five years since Princess Zora pricked her finger on a thorn, and nothing's been the same since. Poisonous, thorny vines climb up walls and choke gardens. A mysterious sleeping sickness pulls people down mid-stride, even mid-sentence. As sleep settles over the kingdom, its subjects grow more tired with every passing day. And no one ever dreams.Well, almost no one.Trapped inside her body, unable to respond, Zora is alone and free in her dreams. Her only true companion is a golden dragon. But when a mysterious prince from her past visits her on the island, they will undertake a strange and perilous journey into the land between dreams and waking life.As doom draws nearer every day, Zora must reach the Dark Fairy and unravel her curse, before it's too late.
Deal Available through September 02, 2021
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