Clean & Wholesome

The Daddy Pact

by Kristy K. James
A murdered groom. An unexpected baby. A vengeful father. Can the killer's brother save the day?Raised in foster homes, when Jess Bentley promised, 'til death do us part,' she envisioned many happy decades building a family with Frank. But a desperate drug addict in a dark parking lot ended those dreams before the honeymoon was over. Convinced the empty place in her heart will never heal, she's ready to give up—until she discovers their brief marriage resulted in a surprise pregnancy.All Dan Mulholland wants following his brother's arrest is to relieve the guilt that's tearing him up inside. He is determined to help the widowed bride in any way he can, especially when he learns she's carrying her dead husband's child … and her wealthy father-in-law intends to take the baby.
Deal Available through December 28, 2021
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