The Cowboy's Secret

by Maggie Carpenter
He's warned her not to snoop, but it's just so tempting...Former show jumper Amelia Anderson is driving past a quarter horse farm when she sees a huge grey gelding jump the fence and land in the driveway. Quickly stopping her SUV, she grabs a halter and runs to help.Handsome cowboy Clint Hogan is horrified as he watches the horse leap over the rail, but dashing outside, he finds a gorgeous woman wrapped in skin-tight jeans calmly approaching the runaway.He invites her in for coffee.Sparks fly.Trouble...If you enjoy an old-fashioned cowboy sparring with feisty females, you'll love this spicy western romance. Revel in the fun, surprises and drama at Train and Trails Ranch. Don't wait. Click the link today.
Deal Available through August 31, 2020
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