Mystery & Suspense

The Butcher's Bride: An Irish Mafia Arranged Marriage Novel

by Alice T. Boone
You said forever, but maybe that was a lie too. I will never love the Mob's Butcher LeslieIt wasn't a lie. Your father's debt had nothing to do with me, but when Malachi demanded blood, I couldn't let you be slaughtered. You need to believe that claiming you was the only way I could save you. These beasts will never have their fill, and the only thing that could keep you safe was the name I built. Montreal will know you as the Butcher's Bride. Your father's debt will be erased, your family will be safe, and eventually, you'll realize that I did what I had to. You have to, Gwen Because I can't spend a life without you.Gwendolyn How could you do this to me? After everything I told you, after everything I shared, how could you still lie to me? You made me believe you were different. You gave me the hope of a new life, and then you stole it all away. My father had no right to trade me away, but I expected it from him. To know you were so willing to buy me, so willing to trade me, so willing to treat me like I was nothing? How was I supposed to expect that, Leslie? I left this life behind two years ago, and not even the Butcher will drag me back.
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