Romantic Comedy

The Broken One (The One Series Book 1)

by Selene Maxley
She swore off love forever. Until she met him. Obsessed with her work and far too busy to even think about love, Caspian Smith has dedicated her life to her career. She prides herself on having never dated, and she certainly isn’t the kind of woman to fall in love.On the cusp of landing her dream job, Caspian soon finds herself grappling with feelings she’s long-since buried – and how she can navigate a daunting new relationship with a tall, dark, and handsome co-worker. Despite everything she’s told herself, her feelings threaten to get the better of her.With her stringent sense of self-control beginning to falter and cracks appearing in the walls she’s built around herself, Caspian will have to make a difficult choice. Can she afford to lose her control and confront the ghosts of her past? Or is the price of love too high?If you love riveting tales of love, romance, self-discovery, and healing from the past, then you won’t want to miss the tantalizing debut book in The One Series. Scroll up and grab your copy now!
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