The Blighter and the Bluestocking

by Eliana Piers
A clash between a rebellious bluestocking and an arrogant duke ignites passion. When Lady Bridget is riding her newest invention through Hyde Park, the last thing on her mind is love. She has dedicated her life to science and improving the world around her. And she will settle for nothing less than complete freedom to do so. Arthur, the Duke of Whitewood, can’t help but notice the strange woman on the weird contraption gliding through the park. How improper! How scandalous! How utterly, annoyingly…intriguing. He has to warn her of the danger she’s putting herself into. Little does he know the danger she’s about to put his heart in. Will Arthur cling to his version of what a wife ought to be? Or will Bridget show him that there’s more than one way to love a lady?
Deal Available through April 02, 2024
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