Contemporary Romance

The Biopic of Destiny Smith

by Elle Nazar
A former beauty queen and supermodel from the 80s and 90s unveils every chapter of her life. She leaves no stone unturned, not even the scandal that nearly tore her world apart.In a bid to save their sinking movie production company, Asher Markov and Sandra Davis head to Miami to interview his mother for her much-anticipated biopic.But what started as a business trip soon veers off course...Upholding professionalism in a personal setting becomes a delicate dance for Asher, while he grapples with the poignant truths of his mother’s coming-of-age and love story.And just when he thought things couldn’t get even more complicated, his relationship with Sandra evolves, unraveling the layers of his emotional defenses.
Deal Available through April 07, 2024
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