The Beast Behind Her Vows: A Steamy Billionaire Fairy Tale Romance (Scheming Flames & Titans Book 2)

by Kessa Knight
He's the beast of the boardroom; she's the beauty of the real estate world. Together, they're a scandal waiting to happen.Felicity, a fierce force in luxury real estate, is entangled in a web of deception, all spun from an auction with shadowy strings. As for Roland Thornfield? He’s a darkly captivating mogul caught in a storm of public disgrace, with an empire teetering on the brink.Offered an unexpected lifeline, Roland must marry within six months or watch his world crumble. The catch? His father insists on a bride of “suitable status,” but Roland has other ideas—ideas that include Felicity. They enter a marriage more convenient than heartfelt, aimed at mending reputations and appeasing shareholders. But as they peel back the layers of family secrets and clandestine deals, they find that this arrangement may cost them more than they bargained for.Navigating treacherous waters of betrayal and hidden legacies, will Felicity and Roland risk it all for a love that defies social standing, age differences, and the boardroom’s cutthroat bids?Inspired by timeless fairy tales, this contemporary romance spins a unique story of a billionaire’s defiance, a marriage of convenience, and an age-gap romance that promises a Beauty and the Beast fairy-tale ending you won’t want to miss.Are you ready to be swept off your feet? Click ‘Buy Now’ and plunge into the irresistible world of, The Beast Behind Her Vows.
Deal Available through June 08, 2024
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