The Bear's Midlife Mate

by Haley Weir
I gave it all up. My nice apartment, my expensive car, my fancy job. At thirty-nine, I made the scariest decision of my life. I left my city comforts, bought a van, and went into the forest. Goodbye, food deliveries. Hello, midlife crisis. Living off-grid isn’t exactly a picnic. After one or twenty foraging mishaps, I get help from a grizzly mountain man with strapping arms and a brooding, golden gaze. There’s a spark between us. But he’s keeping a secret. I can feel it. Before I can pry answers from his muscled hands, our worlds collide in a big way. My ex-boss is planning to level the forest to put up luxury high-rises. It’s up to me to stop him.
Deal Available through April 28, 2022
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