The Awakening - The Elders Trilogy book 1

by Raven Kitts
The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy is a paranormal coming-of-age romance story.Jessica Cartright is haunted by a faceless man who controls her nightly dreams. Each night, he draws her deeper and deeper into a nightmare she can’t escape. She struggles to break free of his dark power, but in this realm, she is his prisoner.For David life in the shadows isn’t a choice—it is a necessity, stemming from dark secrets, corruption, and lies. In a moment of abject weakness, he reveals himself to another human, an act strictly forbidden. And one that doesn’t come without consequences.Jessica’s dream morphs into her waking life. She no longer knows if the horror she’s experiencing is real or if it is the dream. Now she fears for her very life and has no one to turn to and nowhere to run
Deal Available through May 15, 2023
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