The Alpha's Witch (The Witch's Pack Complete Series)

by Rachel Medhurst
It’s just a scratch from the alpha – a scratch that transforms the witch forever.Already a witch at breaking point, I really can’t be dealing with the latest scandal affecting my life. I’m busy selling spells when, the Brighton Pack alpha, Malone attacks me. His scratch turns me into the first ever hybrid-witch and solidifies my expulsion from the coven, leaving me all alone. I’m not sure how much more I can take.When Malone smells his toxins in me, he vows to help me through the first shift. As alpha, his responsibility is to his pack and turning a witch is against sacred wolf laws. He’s ready to rectify his wrong, threatening to end my life, until I shift and the mating bond is evoked.Can Malone reject the pull towards me in order to keep his pack?
Deal Available through June 14, 2022
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