Bad Boy

Taken by the Bratva Prince (Mafia Bad Boys: The Ismailovs Book 1)

by Jailaa West
Hannah saved her friend from an arranged marriage... but who will save her?Hannah grew up witnessing the brutality of the Bratva. How could she resist helping her friend get away from a merciless arranged marriage? It worked. Yelena married Aiden Savage and was living happily ever after. Will Hannah suffer the cruel fate her friend escaped?Rurik Ismailov blamed only one person for his sister's defection — Hannah. So he takes her, and he's keeping her. She will pay the ultimate price... Rurik's eyes hardened into cold dark marbles, his nostril flared. Making each precise, inflectionless word even more terrifying. “My father gave you sanctuary. Paying off your filthy father and keeping you safe. And how do you repay us? By giving my sister away. To a private investigator who works with the police. Helps the police. Did you think there would be no consequences for betraying us?”Hannah swallowed down the tennis ball in her throat, croaking her words out. “I was helping a friend. As any Bratva would do for a friend. I was trying to save her.”“Save her,” He growled the words in her face. His hot breath plastered the words against her forehead. “From becoming a billionaire’s pampered princess? Her only requirement would have been to bear and raise his children.”“Do you even hear yourself? Barefoot and pregnant by a man not of your choosing. What kind of life is that?”“It is the life you signed up for with your foolishness.”Her eyes opened wide as her brows drew closer together. Her question was whisper-thin. “What do you mean? I will not marry Leonid.”“No, you won’t.” She winced when he tipped her head up, gripping her chin in a vicious pinch. “All this foolishness has only swapped your place for hers. You will pay for this offense... This is your sentence. And no one and nothing will save you from it. You’re going to marry — Me.”“It’s not going to happen.” But her lips trembled as she spoke.Who was going to stop him?
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