Romantic Erotica

Swapped Bride

by Cassie Mint
My father has wronged a powerful man. A man who seeks revenge.He demands the one thing my father loves: my twin sister as a bride.As far as the world is concerned, I died eleven years ago.The truth is, I’m scarred. An embarrassment. So I’m locked away in a tower.When the Fox demands my sister as payment, we hatch a plan. With one harmless switch, she can avoid this wedding. I can escape my tower. Everybody wins.Everybody except the Fox, that is.The plan works perfectly, except for one thing--the Fox is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. He takes me over, body and soul, with barely a glance. Suddenly more than anything, I wish this wedding was real.Too bad I’m all caught up in my lies.And now my heart is on the line.
Deal Available through May 28, 2021
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