Surprise! I Do!: A Reality TV Rom Com

by Desiree Day
How does Monroe Martin find herself on a reality TV show marrying a man thirty days after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend?Wedding coordinator Monroe Martin is living her best life, until she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. When Monroe is offered an opportunity of a lifetime to get out of Atlanta and work on a Savannah-based reality TV show, Surprise! I Do!, she jumps at the chance to get away from Damien’s cheating butt.Monroe decides that she is totally anti-men, this lasts until she meets geeky and sexy Miller Butler. Monroe’s excitement evaporates the minute she discovers that Miller is off limits because he is a contestant on the reality TV show, Surprise! I Do! and is marrying a stranger in three weeks. The kicker? Monroe must coordinate his wedding and reception. Monroe pushes her attraction to the side and is the consummate professional while coordinating Miller’s special day.Monroe soon learns that Surprise! I Do! has a twist so shocking that it shakes her to her core and has her questioning reality TV.
Deal Available through November 13, 2022
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