by Gwyn McNamee
WAR Lie. Steal. Maim. Destroy. Do whatever it takes. Except this. I’m breaking the only rule. I’m taking a hostage. But the fiery redhead destroyed my plans and left me no choice. Now all our lives are at risk because of the woman who holds my heart captive. Grace may have started my downfall, but she could also be my salvation.GRACE He’s trouble-with a capital T. I knew Warwick was dangerous the second he set foot on my ship. Nothing good can come from a man like that. And now, the good-for-nothing pirate took me hostage. But his attitude and tattoos can’t cover up what’s hiding beneath. The real man there. The one I’m slowly losing my heart to.War and Grace. Dark and light. Love and hate. This storm may destroy them both...The Inland Seas Series reading order: Squall Line Rogue Wav
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