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Soulmate Matcher

by Donna M Patterson
The picture boasts soulmates walking together in the light—It represents they know who they are, what they’re doing and where they’re going together in bonded love. That’s the true love YOU want… Right? What IS a Soulmate? Soulmates R two team players in love. It entails: • selecting your best-match upfront • dating with purpose and direction • nurturing genuine love for the long-haul • solving problems as a team. Whew! This series journeys from Selection thru Dating into Marriage. In Book I you learn what 99% of women don’t know about selecting a soulmate. You’ll understand what true love IS and IS NOT. You’ll take action steps to identify your best match—the man to love you all the way. Then follow six proven steps to marriage and forever love. And the human nature principles that guide.
Deal Available through September 30, 2020
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