Romantic Erotica

Somebody to Love

by Bree Weeks
Diana:Everyone tells me to lighten up, find a man, have some fun. Well excuse me if I happen to take my career seriously! It’s not my fault that no one else does. In spite of it all, I do get lonely every once in a while. So when a super hot guy crosses my path, I wonder if everyone is right. I do the unthinkable, flirt, and buy him a beer. Harmless, right? Boy, was I wrong!Justin:I’m not looking for anything except the next opportunity for a paying job. While my business partner (and brother) Braxton plays around with his new girlfriend, who happens to be the daughter of a billionaire, I’m left here trying to figure out how to pay the bills. When a gorgeous curvy woman buys me a beer, I figure there’s no harm in enjoying her company for a while. I was wrong!
Deal Available through September 18, 2021
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