Snow White Unleashed

by Cate Farren
Happy ever afters come at a price.Snow White's happily ever after lasts about a year before she realizes her Prince Charming is about as far from charming as he could be. Life couldn't be worse.Then she meets Trip, a man with a dark past, who whisks her off her feet. He introduces her to magic carpets, adventure, and romance. Life couldn't be better.The past is coming back to haunt her, though. There's another witch who wants revenge, and her revenge will plunge the whole kingdom into disaster. Snow White will have to contend with dragons, evil magic mirrors, zombies, and werewolves if she is to finally grab her happily ever after once and for all.Snow White Unleashed has it all; fantasy, romance, and adventure, and is perfect for fans of Amelia Hutchins, K.F. Breene, Laura Thalassa, Roxie Ray, and Sarah J. Maas.One-click now for this year's hottest fantasy romance!This was previously published as Snow White and Trip by David L Dawson. It has been heavily altered since then.Contains violence, bad language, and some steamy scenes.
Deal Available through March 30, 2022
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