Snow Storm

by Cassie Mint
I came to England on a once-in-a-lifetime college trip. But after a badly timed blizzard…I’m snowed in with a duke.I’ve waited years for a trip like this, and saved every spare penny to get here. The last thing I want to do is cause any trouble.But when the jet lag catches up to me and I fall asleep on a guided tour, the man who wakes me up doesn’t believe that.First, he thinks I’m paparazzi. Then, that I’m a thief. By the time he realizes I’m the world’s most hapless college student, he’s ready to slam his head against a wall.Because he’s stuck with me. My tour bus is long gone, and it’s snowing like crazy outside.I hope this grump likes popcorn and trashy movies…Guess I’m having a sleepover with a duke.
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