Small Town Dragon Prisoner (Small Town Sexton Brothers Book 2)

by Lisa Daniels
New job, same old misery – or so I thought Until I was put in charge of caring for a trespasser – a dragon shifter prisoner. Taking care of his numerous injuries, I know that my thoughts are forbidden. But years of celibacy have made me almost feral as I uncover this bound man’s perfection. But it was when he promised me a different path, a better destiny, I knew that this could only end with a broken heart. The way he speaks of his brothers – I feel so lost Longing for a family of my own. But can I really trust him? Or am I setting myself up to be betrayed again? After years of feeling hunted and fighting a hunger for something permanent, I feel like he’s captured me in a way that I’ll never escape.
Deal Available through September 05, 2021
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