Sleaze at the Little Boutique

by Ava L'Angelique
Who says work must be boring?Ella Emberlyn, a menswear shopgirl and starving student, has taken it upon herself to become a salesgirl champion (in the naughty world). She hustles in a single girl’s paradise: stimulating work with easy access to the shop’s hottest commodity—sexy rich men.But her easy access doesn’t come without sacrifice. The long-standing Bennett’s Chest is on the brink of closure. She must offer her goods in exchange for the betterment of her employer. The ticket to saving the ailing Bennett’s Chest, is to bare her own chest to the vibrant men that she serves. Sex wasn’t original to her job description.When handsome Tate Pepperknock, the assistant to one of her well-endowed clients, enters the boutique, Ella is enthralled by his robust physique. She’s equally repulsed by his audacity to suggest she’d open her legs to anyone. Well, maybe she would, for just a little taste of the sexy…Ella needs more lip and less lip service. Can she swallow her pride and open herself to a gorgeous hunk of man? Is Tate convincing enough to smother the embers of her desire? Or will she be left intimately unfulfilled and penniless to boot?
Deal Available through June 26, 2021
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