African American

Sins of Their Father

by Sage Young
Undeservedly you will atone for the sins of your fathers ~ HoraceImagine idolizing the memory of your deceased father your entire life, only to realize it was all a lie. The beautiful and sexy Jones sisters are taking the corporate world by storm. Raine is a CEO in Philadelphia. Her younger sister, Danielle Jones is now Vice President of Marketing and Research in Atlanta, their hometown. Although they live in two different cities, they couldn’t be closer.Malik Austin has made Philadelphia his home. He walked into his brother’s nightclub and to his surprise, he sees Raine Jones. Their last encounter had not been a pleasant one. Now she was sitting at a table just a few feet away from him. Would he finally get to ask out the woman he felt an attraction to so many months ago?Boris Petrov was sent to Atlanta to protect Danielle. Never has a woman affected his heart, mind, and body. There was an instant attraction. If things were different, he could see spending a lifetime with her. But he had a job to do, and when it’s done, he would disappear.Will Raine and Danielle pay for the sins of their father with their lives?Find out in Sins of Their Father.
Deal Available through April 12, 2021
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