Romantic Comedy

Single Sal: A laugh out loud fake dating romantic comedy (The Single Series Book 1)

by Emmy Love
“A fake fiancée troupe is not so original, yet Emmy Love manages to make it so interesting and new. A movie-worthy book, worthy of every word.” - Nicole Ugwueze ★★★★★What starts as a fake date turns into a fake wedding in the debut romantic comedy by Emmy Love that brings humor and heart.Hi, I'm Sally, but you can call me Sal. Single Sal. As an insecure, struggling actress on the verge of hitting the big 3-0, I find myself in a giant pickle: love or paying the rent.But then walks in Mr Smirky Smirk, Sean Maxwell, a charismatic and wealthy businessman with his own agenda. He approaches me with an intriguing proposition—to act as his fiancée for a single night. And as if that wasn't enough, he sweetens the deal with a generous sum of money. How can a girl resist, right?Back up the bus. There’s always a catch. In order to win his elite parents' approval during a disastrous dinner, I must convincingly play the role of a doctor! Now, I've mastered the art of faking it in my acting career (that’s debatable), but there are just some things I can’t fake.Against my better judgment, I find myself growing increasingly attracted to Sean. Could this growing connection sabotage the biggest role of my life?
Deal Available through October 07, 2023
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