Silver's Rebel

by Lacey Silks
She’s the rebel I can’t control and the past I can’t outrun. Samantha Connors showed up in my life like a ghost. Her uncanny resemblance to my murdered wife stirred my grief, and her rebel ways caught her between my client and the mafia. Sam needed my protection, and so I swept her off her feet and hid her on the other side of the world, where my past finally collided with her present. Unfortunately, rebels know no borders and break all the rules.He’s the CEO billionaire I can’t deny and the adventure I desire. Gabriel Silver showed up on a night when I needed it hard and fast. His streak of silver experience promised an adventure between the sheets, but my promised one-night-stand flipped my life upside down. I was the mafia’s target, and Gabe protected me, until he lied.
Deal Available through April 03, 2022
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