Mystery & Suspense

Shulamite Woman

by Janeen Chambers
Opal, a successful event specialist, runs into this enticing, bigger-than-life gentleman named Dr. Daniel Pacini. She met him in the most unexpected place. There, Dr. Daniel Pacini electrified her curiosity. He drew...her in. This gentleman had all the qualities that would make most women leap out of their skin. He was God-fearing, brilliant, and stunningly handsome--to her--there had to be a catch. She became consumed with intrigue, she needed to know what that catch was. As a result, she walked further and further into knowing him and eventually fell into the hole of love. Daniel and Opal both fell in love. Opal would soon find, however, with Daniel, the very things that intrigued her about him threatened their relationship. Opal must face the truth about Daniel, and fight an inner war with her own painful past that his presence manifested.
Deal Available through March 15, 2021
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