Mystery & Suspense


by Bree M. Lewandowski
The girl next door, the boy down the street, and an obsession too close to home.Independence isn't something Clara has had much of in the last four years since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and after a few months away, she's excited to be going back to work.With an added bonus of finding love in the most unlikely of places, Clara is happier than she's ever been.But someone doesn't agree with Clara's rising freedom and will do anything to stop it.As a boxer that knows his way around the ring, there's nothing Nathan won't do to protect the woman he loves. Apprehensive that Clara's MS relapse is more than a simple medical problem, will have him questioning those closest to them.Can they discover the dangers lurking right around the corner or will their love be torn apart before they've had a chance to really explore it?This is a sweet romance novella with a pinch of suspense and a rollercoaster of drama!
Deal Available through August 31, 2020
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