Shay: A Williams Sisters Romance (Saved by Love Book 1)

by Summer Rose
What Would You Do When the Love of Your Life Has Been in Front of You All Along? Keep Reading! LiamBecca sends a picture of a very suggestive slice of thigh framed by a snow-white sheet, and suddenly I know exactly where tonight’s dinner is leading. My mind drifts to Shay, all blinding smiles, glittering green eyes, and killer curves… my heart gives a heavy thud. God, I’ve got it bad. But that’s nothing new. I look at my phone again. Maybe it’s time to start moving on from this infatuation with my best friend. One night of fun certainly can’t hurt, right?ShayI don’t get why I’m so upset. It’s not like Liam never dates. I mean, yeah, he hasn’t mentioned anyone in a long time, but I know he’s not celibate. Something about this just feels so… wrong. Maybe I’m just afraid of sharing my friend with someone else? Yeah, that must be it. But then, why does the thought of him touching his ex… kissing her… loving her… make me want to punch something or cry? Actually, it kinda makes me want to do both. Ugh, this is ridiculous.What would you do when The One has been staring you in the face all along?“Shay: Saved by Love Book 1” is one of those heady, feel-good contemporary short stories that you can’t put down… with a titillating twist. Written by Summer Rose, this series features two vibrant sisters – Shay and Abby - who open a pet shop. But not just any other pet shop.Paws and Claws takes in rescues and finds them loving owners — their forever families. Liam, Shay’s childhood friend, helps them out for free. But not only because he has a heart of gold. He cares about Shay. More than he likes to admit.Shay feels the same, but she wouldn’t be caught dead acknowledging that.Abby, on the other hand, is caught in between their steamy tango. And Shay isn’t the only person she needs to focus her attention on. One friendly neighborhood barista with a heart-melting smile has been keeping her preoccupied, too.
Deal Available through January 13, 2021
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