Mystery & Suspense


by Bree M. Lewandowski
"She didn't need help. She needed saving."She must have tripped over a worm hole or kicked a glitch in the multi-verse. Going to the family reunion after renouncing the faith she grew up in was supposed to be bad enough. But wrong numbers started piling up. When she'd blocked them all, the weird text messages began. Once those cryptic messages continued, notifications to make her skin crawl followed her to work and Hadassah saw the lives of the children she cared for at the daycare put at risk.Yet even if she locked herself in her apartment, there didn't seem to be anywhere or any way to hide. Until a man with dark blue eyes and broad shoulders stepped between her and terror in a split instant of do-or-die. Hadassah knows trauma can make strange bedfellows but she can't let herself drown in Jay's eyes or hide in his embace when eerie messages seem to catalogue her every move.Fighting the stalker behind the digital screen is impossible. Standing ground against the way her heart moves when he agrees to help seems undoable. But it's move or be the victim, stand still or shake free.
Deal Available through July 09, 2022
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