Sex & Coffee: A Bitter Little Time Capsule of Love

by Erika Lee
At the tender age of 21, Destiny Jones had everything going for her: a promising acting career, loving boyfriend who adored her, a scholarship to NYU. But it wasn't enough to quiet the self-doubt that plagued her. She would have to lose it all to find herself. This epistolary "slice of life" novel spans twenty five years between September of 1994 and June of 2019. It is woven together as a dual narrative and told from the perspective of star-crossed lovers Destiny and Matthew. The letters written by Matthew are all set in the fall of 1994 when his beloved was away at NYU and he stayed behind in their hometown of Palm Desert, California. The couple had been together less than a year and this was the first time they were apart. Destiny's diary entries span the agonizing twenty year aftermath of their eventual split.
Deal Available through January 24, 2021
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