Seeing Red

by Skara Gray
Red Easton is on the brink of becoming one of New York's most successful young CEOs. The intense, stone-faced thirty-four-year-old built a cybersecurity company valued at over $1.2 billion. The success of the company overshadows any suspicions regarding Red's lack of formal education or background in technology. The road he paved here is for his eyes only, and none of his investors seem too concerned as long as the money keeps rolling in.But when the murder of an old contact threatens to jeopardize Red's ability to remain unattached to his past life, will he be able to keep his worlds separate or are they bound to collide in a dangerous, bloody battle?Emory Logan is struggling to find her place in Chicago, the only city she's ever known. At twenty-six-years-old, she decides to set out for New York City. She can create a new start. No one would suspect the curvy beauty to be from the roughest part of Chicago.But when an opening for a personal assistant position at New York's hottest cybersecurity company lands her in an interview with Chicago's disappeared bad boy, she realizes her attempt at a new start may have landed her right back where she started. Or worse."Everyone knew him as the sexy, cold-hearted young CEO. They assumed his dark eyes and controlling demeanor were symptoms of an unyielding passion for success. But I knew him before his meteoric rise. I know the real darkness lurking behind his eyes."
Deal Available through January 11, 2022
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