Mystery & Suspense

Seductive Desires (The Mafia Wives Club Book 3)

by A.F. Montoya
Sometimes you just can’t risk temptation…I’ve always made safe decisions. I resisted temptation and followed the rules of engagement. It was how I stayed safe. But when a handsome playboy decides to play knight in shining armor, I found myself immediately swept off my feet and decided for once to indulge a little. I didn’t realize I was being charmed not by a white knight but a dangerous rogue instead.Now, as a shadow threatens to eclipse my life, I have to figure out how to hold my own against his charm and his increasing need to rescue me. What he doesn’t realize? I’ve never been the one to wait around and let others do the work. Can this damsel in distress learn to fight fire with fire and become a self rescuing princess… or just this once, should I give in to temptation?
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