Seduced by a Bear E.M.T.: An Off-Limits but Fated Hero Romance (Bear Heroes of New York)

by Lisa Daniels
One hot night with a gorgeous stranger, And I’ve been making horrible decisions ever since.With each passing day, I’m sure that he was my fate, And I chose someone else.Years later, and I’m full of regrets. I hate PR, but I’m one of the best in the city And it was worth it to keep my staff employed. But even that is no longer enough.Especially since some people now want to see me dead.I’m a survivor though, so I’m only mildly concerned. It’s the EMT that I keep encountering who's my immediate problem.I can get past those seductive eyes and the way they trace over my body, but my heart didn’t seem to have gotten the memo.He’s infuriating but impossibly enticing. I never wanted to be that woman who fell into an enemy to lovers' romance. But that’s exactly where I’m heading.If I don’t get killed first.
Deal Available through July 04, 2022
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