Secret Romances: A Forbidden Thirst for Love

by Melissa Caudle
Sparks fly when a wealthy divorcee falls in love with a handsome window washer, but she must face the scrutiny of the affluent society in which she lives! Can they grow their secret love or are the odds already stacked against them?Angela has everything she ever wanted except true love. The powerful socialite has just taken the reins of her father’s magazine, Elite.It is the culmination of a lifetime of preparation. One she has desired since childhood. Unfortunately, Angela let her personal life fall apart. Divorced and struggling to understand her teenage son, Angela meets the future with trepidation.James, a widower, thinks of himself as the everyday man. He works hard to earn his paycheck, even if it is as a window cleaner at the Elite office building.Energetic and filled with positivity, James tackles each new obstacle with a grin, especially raising his teenage daughter alone.But when tragedy strikes, Angela and her team must attempt a daring rescue before James falls to his death. Little do either know it is the beginning of a new adventure that will consume not only their lives, but also their two children.Angela and James decide to keep their relationship a secret for as long as possible. But that might be the biggest mistake of all for the heart may want what it wants in a forbidden thirst for love!But that doesn’t mean the rest of the world is going to wait for them to figure it out.The hardest thing of all is keeping their romance a secret. Will they overcome the web of lies?Order your copy of Secret Romances, and find out if they will have to let go of love or have their happily-ever-after!
Deal Available through November 17, 2022
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