Second Chance Baby

by Natasha L. Black
In walks my past, hotter than ever. I never could tell her no.If Ava thinks she can walk back into my life Thinks I’ll help her out when she’s desperate for a job, If she thinks I’m going to lay awake wanting her back… She’s right.My first love, my first heartbreak, and now she needs me. I’m not the kind of man who would walk away from her. Loyal to the core, running my family’s bar and working sixteen hour days.The next thing I know I’m working long nights with Ava Feels like old times, and an old flame that never stopped burning Is about to become an inferno.All that desire, all those years apart How could we make the same mistake again? The one that cost us everything all those years ago When we couldn’t get past what we’d lost.Can we survive it this time, older, wiser, more in love than ever? Or will it tear us apart just like it did back then?
Deal Available through October 24, 2020
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