Sealed Fate

by Godiva Glenn
It's complicated being a selkie.Annika's just found the most incredible guy in the world. The problem? He's a human.Falling for a human is taboo for selkies. She knows the tales; He'll become obsessed, he'll steal her magical selkie skin and make her human, she'll spend the rest of her life missing the water...She's determined to figure it out, but her ex gets in the way and takes the matter into his own hands.Complicated just got chaotic, and she's torn between choices she'd rather avoid. How does she make it work with her nearly drowned boyfriend? What should she do about her murderous ex? And how does her amazingly loyal best friend fit in?One reckless decision leads to wave after wave of issues. Deep down, she knows what she wants. But is it in her fate to have it?
Deal Available through February 21, 2021
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