Screw Fliriting

by Lola West
Sometimes you have to chuck the bro-code Bug is invisible. With her short hair and baggy overalls, everyone thinks she’s just one of the guys. She spends most of her time fixing up her sailboat and planning her escape from her hometown, where the men outnumber the women by like ten to one. Being different and unapproachable would be fine, if it weren’t for her unrelenting crush on her brother’s best friend. Following in his father’s footsteps,Jackson Winters is gonna be an accountant, but he doesn’t even like math. Secretly, Jackson wants to write fiction but he’s only ever told Bug. She’s the only one he talks to. God, he thinks about constantly. But she’s his best friend’s little sister. You shouldn’t your best friend’s little sister, right? What about for just one night?
Deal Available through May 03, 2021
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