African American

Scars They Can't See

by LaShelle L. Turner
Sometimes the worst scars are the ones you can’t see.Morgan and Reid fall for each other while both grieving horrific family tragedies they believed they caused. Together they try to move pass their pain and grief by falling in love, but they both are trying to hold onto the past.Seventeen-year-old Morgan Lawson is starting her senior year grieving her parents from a small plane crash in which she was the only survivor. Now she must deal with burn scars and the loss of her parents. She mistakenly believed her first love and boyfriend Greg would comfort her and help her heal after this life changing tragedy. Her already weaken heart is damaged further when she finds out he just left her for her ‘supposedly’ best friend Alana.Morgan meets Reid while attending grief counseling.Reid Cunningham did the unthinkable; he destroyed his once perfect family. A simple lapse in judgment caused him to kill his baby sister by accident. Now to escape the devastating memory of that day his family moved south to from Oakland to the small ocean side city of Seaside, California.Morgan and Reid spend the last of their teen years experiencing the kind of grief most people never endure during their lifetimes. At a time when most kids their ages are leaping forward to the next phrase in life, the past keeps them from moving forward. The grief they feel causes them to question if some scars ever heal.
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