Say 'I Do'

by Carrie Lomax
Three weddings and a secret on a tropical island. An audience of millions.When Alyssa and Marc set out to sail around the world, they thought they'd be spending months alone on a boat. But their social media audience - whose clicks and views fund their journey along with a rotating cast of advertising sponsors - has turned into an intrusive third wheel.Aly wanted a quiet destination wedding for her joint wedding ceremony with her sister, Janelle. Fiji seemed the ideal location for an Instagrammable experience. But add in an overbearing project manager, Marc's brother's unexpected guest, and a friend from Aly's past for a high-pressure public balancing act.Will Marc and Alyssa survive the transition back to dry land for the most spectacular wedding of the season? Buy now!
Deal Available through May 21, 2022
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