Contemporary Romance

Saratoga Roan

by Bree M. Lewandowski
Five years is a long time to miss someone.When Cassandra's horse spooks during a routine training session and she falls, for a split second her life flashes before her eyes.And it's Rhett she sees. Her first love.Cassandra knows it's time to go back. She just hopes it's not too late to try again.With his brother and estranged, mentally ageing father coming to live with him, and a business to run, Rhett doesn't have time for the past. Which is a good thing because he left so much of his heart within those memories.So when he sees her again, it's a shock to his system. He's spent the last five years blaming her for the downfall of their relationship.But sometimes pride can keep you from getting what you really want.As past arguments resurface between them, Cassandra and Rhett discover a huge revelation that not all their disagreements were without reason.Some were medical.Can they start again or will Rhett's pride keep them apart?
Deal Available through September 15, 2022
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