Mystery & Suspense

Ryder's Reckoning: Sentinels of Babylon MC Romance Book 4 (S.O.B.)

by Jamie K. Schmidt
A border line sociopath vigilante and a dedicated Internal Affairs police detective shouldn’t hook up.And a hook up should be one and done, not every stolen moment.Ryder Brooks confessed to several Long Island murders on her deathbed. Only she didn’t die. And then she disappeared from her hospital bed shortly after confessing her many sins.Travis Munson has been encouraged to forget what he heard by government men in suits. They’re not telling him where Ryder is, and he’s not about to let her go without a fight.He’s a loose end. She’s a loose cannon.They shouldn’t work, and yet Ryder can’t stay away and Travis can’t let her go.
Deal Available through May 07, 2022
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