Ruger (Demented Souls Book 1)

by Melissa Stevens
Krissi grew up in her father's shadow. Now she's escaping and building a life of her own.New city, new school, new struggles, but without Daddy's money. Krissi never planned the one-night stand she couldn't get out of her head. Something about the tattooed, drop-dead sexy bartender called to her. Despite knowing she should stay away from him.When Krissi finds herself bound and gagged on the floor of a warehouse, she has no way of knowing if it's because of Ruger's club or her father's business. She could wait for a knight on a black Harley to find out, but she's not relying on any man to rescue her.Can Krissi walk away from the motorcycle club lifestyle that sent her running once, or has she already lost her heart?If you like sassy, smart mouth women and irresistible, in charge men, pick up your copy of Ruger today!
Deal Available through October 19, 2021
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