Ritual Island: A Tiger Shifter Romance (Ritual Island Shifters Book 1

by J. P. Uvalle
The vacation of a lifetime is about to be cut short... Blaire and her best friend are eager to cash in on their all-inclusive win and cruise off to Bora Bora for a life-changing vacation. But nothing on the ship is as it seems. Something sinister is at play... ...and Blaire may be its next victim. Surrounded by shifters with insatiable appetites, she’s about to take her chances in the sea itself. Until him. Shifter King Dorian is accustomed to being obeyed and feared--and needing no one. But when he meets the woman intended as his latest sacrifice, he realizes just who she is... ...and just what it means for his future. Can Dorian throw away his only chance at love to restore powers that ensure his reign on Ritual Island as its one true king?
Deal Available through September 30, 2020
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