Mystery & Suspense

Revenge! Lovers, Players & The Seducer - Book II: The Revenge Game! (A Geek An Angel 3)

by J. Jackson & Jerreece Jackson
Last time, in J. A. Jackson’s steamy, romantic thriller Lovers, Players and The Seducer, the storm came…and went.Back then, Nicholas La Cour played a very dangerous game of cat and mouse; one in which he involved his childhood friends, Kienan Egan and Quinn Rolandis. Even worse, he put his own sister, Lacey La Cour, right in the middle of that storm. Everyone got swept away in the torrent of greed, lust and ruthless ambition. All except two ratchet lovers….After miraculously surviving a brutal accident which claimed his one true love, Quinn struggles with the loss, grapples with his troubled and sinful past and seeks much wanted closure and forgiveness from somewhere, and from anyone.That healing and closure comes in the form of Maëlle Mallard, an old friend Quinn was trying to forget, until now. After her own plans for a family and new life fall apart, Maëlle then turns to Quinn to fulfill her. But he already has plans of his own to carry out. The biggest one is fulfilling his quest for vengeance. Soon, Quinn and Maëlle discover that their new paths are riddled with danger, passion, heartbreak and ultimately, consequences and repercussions. Another storm is coming, but will Quinn and Maëlle survive it? Find out in Jackson’s anticipated sequel, Lovers, Players & The Revenge Game. Winner takes all.
Deal Available through January 15, 2022
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