Science Fiction

Rescued By the Alien Prince

by Katrina S. Karter
An incurable virus unleashed on the planet. An alien prince on a suicide mission. A resourceful human female racing against the clock to find a cure.Tamsin Hewett Tamsin, an infectious disease physician’s life is hectic, selfless, and caring. She is invested in helping her sister take care of her nephew Wyatt. Her dedication to her nephew’s health is her priority as he battles a life-threatening illness. Her life is turned upside down when a routine doctor’s appointment is derailed when aliens kidnap her.Their lives on White Elfall, becomes increasingly difficult when she realizes that the aliens are involved in more than kidnapping humans. When her futile attempts at escape puts them in jeopardy, things become complicated when she comes face to face with alien warriors infiltrating he
Deal Available through February 23, 2022
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