Clean & Wholesome

Reluctantly Matched

by Shanna Delaney
He doesn't date guests... usually.Samantha had to drop out of art school, but she never dropped her dream of visiting Florence, and now she's there. She's going to study all the sculptures… as soon as she stops getting distracted by the sculpted jaw of her hosts' son.Edo has come home after six years, summoned to take the reins of the family's bed & breakfast—a fate he's dreaded most of his life. He's not even home a day before his mother is pushing him to play tour guide for their current guest, a pretty girl who seems different from the tourists Edo remembers.As Samantha lets Florence open her heart, Edo lets her open his eyes to the city and home he'd forgotten how to love—but Samantha only has ten days in the country; will that be enough for them to build a future on?
Deal Available through October 25, 2020
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