Reckless Wolf (Fated Immortals Book 1)

by Vera Rivers
Nobody takes what’s mine. I’m an immortal wolf shifter with a bad-boy reputation that I’ve proudly earned.Bianca walks into my casino, and I notice her right away. Rosebud lips. Big doe eyes. A body that’s begging to be touched.She tries to steal from my casino, but nothing gets past me. She’s caught before she makes it out the door. I should punish her in a million delicious ways. But I let her go.Bianca belongs to another wolf shifter: my enemy. She wants to escape her arranged marriage, but my hands are tied. A longstanding curse keeps me from taking out my enemy and claiming Bianca as my own.I’ve never wanted anything more than I want her. But can I risk my entire existence for a female?
Deal Available through July 05, 2023
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