by Amber Moore
Cole: As you may know already, I am one of the most powerful men in the city of Los Angeles. Besides wealth, money, and power, I also have my sons to live for, but one thing I have lacked, for quite a long time now, is a lifetime partner. There is a loneliness in my heart that no amount of wealth can fix. Once, I had this, but I lost it in the blink of an eye. But second chances exist, and so does my first love, Scarlett, and I'm willing to make the most of every chance I get to win her back. Scarlett: He lives high up in his castle, worried only about his empire, not the least concerned about his home. I’ve built my own walls. He has my heart forever, but before I’ll allow him to know that, I need proof that he’s ready to be the man I need.
Deal Available through September 05, 2022
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