Science Fiction

Ravished by the Crown Prince (Zunatorian Warriors Book 1): A SciFi Alien Abduction Romance

by Gabby Dark
A rebel and a crown prince... She is captured to be punished. He is bound by his duty. Their missions may not align but their chemistry is out of this world.Ever since the territories were divided, Ryleigh has been a rebel: an activist against the current regime. After her group is captured, they’re put on trial for their crimes. Ryleigh is labeled as salvageable and carted off to a lab with a group of other women. But the research facility is not where she ends up. Instead, she’s abducted from Earth by huge alien warriors and marked as a breeder. This has to be some kind of mistake.Anik is the crown prince of Zunator. He has conquered more than he has lost. But some fights cannot be won on the battlefield. A stubborn ailment has rendered more than half of the Zunatorian females unable to conceive. Now his people are in a race against time to save themselves. All male Zunatorians must breed. His title doesn’t excuse him. He will take a woman.When Ryleigh is taken by the seven feet tall telepathic alien man, he comes off as a rude, arrogant, obnoxious prick. He doesn’t deserve to be so handsome, let alone the heir apparent of his colony. In her attempts to defy Anik, her body betrays her, responding in carnal ways that defy logic. Lying about what she wants is futile. He is hard to resist. Taking him for her pleasure becomes second nature.A rebel… And a crown prince… Will she submit?
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