Pursued: A Vampire Syndicate Paranormal Romance

by Rebeca Rivard
When darkness falls, the monsters come out to play... MILA I knew Gabriel was dangerous, the eldest son and heir to a Vampire Syndicate Primus. You think a Mafia don is scary? You should meet Gabriel's father. But I thought I could play with fire without being burned. Now I’m on the run from the Vampire Syndicate. Hungry, alone. Not knowing who to trust. Until the night the vampires hunt me down… GABRIEL I let Mila run from me once. Now she’s back—right when all hell breaks loose in the Syndicate. Yeah, I’m suspicious. I know she’s keeping secrets from me. But this time, I have the upper hand. Mila’s mine now. Bound to me by a blood oath that only I can break. I’ll never let her leave. A steamy second-chance, forbidden lovers paranormal romance.
Deal Available through October 07, 2020
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